Regular Weekday Morning Prayer Ending

Morning Prayer – Special Message from Father Steve: “”In 2020; when COVID19 began to ‘Take over the World’, there was so much uncertainty. We saw Churches being closed; many people not knowing how their Faith was going to be sustained, etc. My wife; Melanie, said to me: ‘Steve, you need to do something’. So on March 18, 2020, I began doing the Daily Office of Morning Prayer, Monday – Friday at 9:00 a.m. This was (and still is) offered Livestreamed, and in-house. We have picked up many ‘Livestreaming Parishioners’ across the Country, and even around the World. I was even approached by local people who said that the Morning Prayer was really helping them cope to the unknowns of this pandemic. Eventually, I moved Morning Prayer to Tuesday – Thursday; then recently only on Wednesdays. As with many things, they run their course, and change with the situations ‘On the Ground’. Although we still have consistent ‘Livestreaming Parishioners’, our in-house attendance is averaging 1-2 at the most, and not consistent. We are in some ways getting back to normal; learning to cope with the pandemic, and hopefully, see an end in the future of this pandemic that has killed over 700,000 people in this Country. As you know me, I feel that sometimes I am not doing enough for the Lord, or I have an ‘Issue with saying No’ when it comes to the Church. With this said (And prayerfully considered.) after the first of the year (2022), I will cease to do regular Morning Prayer. However; I will be open to doing some Feast Day services during the week; as we did prior to me going on Sabbatical in 2019. Thank You – We are St. Andrew’s Strong!”

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